The Length of a Psychological Interview

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The length of a Candidate’s interview is based on the time the Psychologist needs to reach their goals and objectives. The entire interview process, from preparation (including review of the psychological test results, psychological history questionnaire, background investigation report, and any other relevant mental health treatment or evaluation records) through the interview itself generally takes about an hour and a half to two hours. Some Candidates, such as those who are younger with little life experience and/or “clean” test results and background reports, may require less time. Others, especially those who have various data sources that point to seemingly contradictory or discrepant conclusions about the candidate, may require considerably more time. Candidates who attempt to conceal negative aspects of their personality can be difficult to assess, resulting in the Psychologist requiring more interview time in order to observe patterns that might help them make a more accurate assessment. Moreover, evaluations that lead to a disqualification determination usually require lengthier interviews.

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Peace Officer Psychological Screening Manual

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-The Length of a Psychological Interview

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