Episode 6-New York Civil Service law-resignation issues

A discussion of the issue facing civil servants who resign.  Frequently, after resignation persons who resign file lawsuit claiming they were forced, coerced or theathened to resign.  The law is that an employer can tell an employee that they will be terminated if there are grounds for termination.  The offer of resignation in lieu of termination cannot be undone if the termination threat was based on sufficient facts to support a termination.

The law states that a employee MAY be reinstated within one year of resignation.  This leaves the decision to the employing agency’s discretion.

Episode 2-NYPD disqualification- “Ommission of Pertinent Facts”

If you want to be successful in being hired for a New York Civil Service job, especially Law Enforcement jobs such as NYPD you have to gather the accurate data before filling out your investigation paperwork.

Best policy is to go to any the Clerk of the Court in any county in which you were arrested or received a summons and get a Certificate of Disposition.

Get a LIFETIME driver’s abstract from the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles. Go to the DMV website for instructions on how to do this and give a couple of weeks to receive the document.

Get all school and work discipline records.

Failure to accurately record this information on your APD5 will not be excused by the hiring agency.

You will receive a disqualification notice with OMMISSION OF PERTINENT FACTS checked off.