Criteria Used When Considering Candidate’s Psychological Suitability

Psychologists do not use just one source of information, but consider various integrate data when making a Suitability Determination. At the final step of the evaluation process, the Psychologist considers all of the information gathered when asking themselves the single, ultimate question: Does this candidate meet the minimum statutory, regulatory, and agency-specific criteria for psychological suitability? Psychologists make this determination using data integration. This process includes considering five sources of information and integrating them into their determination of the candidate’s psychological suitability:

  1. Job Information
  2. Written Assessments
  3. Personal History Information
  4. Psychological Interview, and,
  5. Psychological Records

Psychologists are required to use data from all of these sources when determining a Candidate’s suitability for the job. Their determination is never based on just one single data source, unless clinically justified.

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-Criteria Used When Considering Candidate’s Psychological Suitability

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