Oral Psychological Evaluation – Useful Tips

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Candidates should go into their Oral Psychological Evaluation with the expectation that they will find it very stressful. This challenging environment is not by accident; it is done by design. You must realize that you are applying for one of the most important and stressful jobs, with many unforeseen problems that can and will arise, and you MUST be ready, willing and able to handle them in a quick, calm and professional manner. Your Evaluator will be determining whether or not you are capable of handling the daily challenges Police Officers face, based on many factors, including body language, attitude and your responses to different questions and situations.

You must be prepared both physically and mentally for your Oral Psychological Evaluation. The following are some basic tips you should keep in mind before, during and after your Evaluation: Arrive promptly, dress appropriately, have a good attitude when meeting with your Evaluator (smile, address them by name, , extend your hand to offer a firm handshake and when invited to sit, be sure to sit upright, not slouching). Moreover, NEVER let your Evaluator see you frustrated, angry or crying for any reason at any time, as this is all part of the evaluation process to “test” your capabilities for the job. Remember, you are on a job interview, and it is your attitude, body language and responses that are being evaluated, not theirs. You should present yourself as if you are already a Police Officer if you would like the Evaluator to see you as one. Finally, keep your answers short and sweet, unless your Evaluator requests you to do otherwise.

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-Oral Psychological Evaluation – Useful Tips

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