New NYPD Police Academy class on Wednesday July 13!

The gratitude and appreciation of the new appointees that chose to appeal their NYPD disqualification is real. Many NYPD psych dq candidates are receiving second interviews at either 1 Lefrak Plaza, Queens or 235 East 20th Street-Candidate Assessment Division.
When you appeal it can only get better. Even if you do not chose to join the NYPD having the disqualification off your record is a big upside for your future career. If you receive an NYPD psychological disqualification contact me to discuss the appeal process and the facts of your case. When appointed you will have many opportunities to be promoted or be assigned to a specialized unit. You will develop many skills that can be used in a second career after earning a pension after 22 years.
If you would like to discuss the appeal process and what happened in your oral psychological interview please contact me. I look forward to speaking with you.
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