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The Law Office of Kevin P. Sheerin…

Serving our clients and helping candidates successfully reverse their NYPD Disqualification on appeal for more than 20 years…

Recent Client Reviews:

May, 2024: “I had the pleasure of working with Kevin on a civil service matter, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the experience. Kevin is a true expert in their field, demonstrating a deep understanding of civil service law and procedures.

From the moment I contacted Kevin I was impressed by his professionalism and commitment to my case. They took the time to thoroughly assess my situation, providing clear and comprehensive guidance on the best course of action. Throughout the process Kevin kept me informed and involved, ensuring that I understood everything.

What sets Kevin apart is their dedication to achieving results.Beyond his legal acumen, Kevin also exhibited empathy and compassion. He understood the significance of the matter to me personally and went above and beyond to provide support and reassurance throughout the process.”
– Ryan L.

May, 2024: “I hired the Law Office of Kevin Sheerin to appeal my disqualification. We spent time preparing for a second interview and I passed. He was very clear in explaining things, he responded to his phone calls and e-mails quickly, and was genuinely concerned for the success of his clients. I would be happy to recommend his services to anyone I meet who is the situation I was in. Thank you so much Mr. Sheerin.”
– Bernardo C.

May, 2024: “I was heartbroken when I received a NOPD letter. But THANKS to the Law Office of Kevin P. Sheerin my case was reversed. Today I was among the lucky ones to take a swear in oath at the Police Academy!”
– Valdim D.

March, 2024: “Kevin is the reason I had my NOPD rescinded and the reason I passed psychological and am on my way to the police academy. He helped me through every step of the appeals process. He helped me prepare for the interview and gave me extremely helpful advice. Every single time I contacted him he responded almost immediately and was always positive and encouraging. I loved meeting him and speaking to him, he is full of knowledge and great experience. For help with the NYPD process Kevin is the absolute best person to help you. I look forward to contacting him when I graduate the academy and am excited to hear what advice he will have for me and my career.”
– Joseph H.

February, 2024: “After receiving my disqualification from the NYPD, I immediately researched and hired Kevin Sheerin. After some time with the appeal process and preparation sessions, the decision was reversed and I was found qualified. I highly recommend everyone to take the time to contact Kevin and to not give up on their dreams.”
– Alexander J.S.

If you failed your NYPD Psychological Evaluation or have been disqualified for any reason and would like to schedule a free consultation, please contact Kevin Sheerin at 516 248 0040.




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-Recent Client Reviews for The Law Office of Kevin P. Sheerin

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