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The Psychological Screening Interview is conducted to provide the NYPD Psychologist with detailed information about each candidate. As a candidate, you should be prepared to answer many questions, offer complete explanations and make yourself available for whatever period of time the Psychologist deems necessary to conduct a thorough Interview. It is important candidates understand that a sufficient interview time must be allotted so the Psychologist can address any and all issues that may arise during the Interview. The length or duration of the interview will be based on the amount of time needed to meet all of the necessary objectives, which include but are not limited to:

  1. Answering all questions the Psychologist may have regarding issues of concern;
  2. Clarifying and supplementing responses to written tests and other questionnaires, inventories or personal history statements; and
  3. Providing the Psychologist an adequate amount of time to appropriately observe or assess job-relevant or clinically significant behavior.

The amount of time required for each interview depends in part on the complexity of the case, the competing hypotheses generated by written test findings and personal history information, and the number and nature of discrepancies discovered among data sources (particularly discrepancies in the candidate’s self-reports at various stages of the assessment process).

Click the link below for more information regarding POST: Psychological Interviews (see Chapter 8):
Peace Officer Psychological Screening Manual

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