POST Personality-Based Competencies – Adaptability/Flexibility

Dimension 3: Adaptability/Flexibility:

Adaptability/Flexibility involves the ability to change course, with the capacity to quickly and easily adjust to many different and sometimes competing demands of the job. Adaptability/Flexibility consists of:

• Appropriately shifting between various work roles, such as facilitator, rule enforcer, etc.;
• Adjusting to planned/unplanned work changes, including different types of incidents that must be handled fluidly and in succession;
• Prioritizing and working effectively on several very different tasks/projects at the same time;
• Uses proper judgment and discretion when applying regulations and policies; understanding the difference between the letter and the spirit of rules and laws;
• Performing duties without constant supervision or instructions;
• Working in unstructured situations with minimal supervision;
• Adjusting to differing supervisory styles; and
• The ability to physically and mentally adjust to the shift work.

For more information regarding POST Personality-Based Competencies, click the link below:
Peace Officer Psychological Screening Manual

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