NYPD Written & Oral Psychological Exam – What to Expect

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NYPD Written & Oral Psychological Exam – What to Expect…

The NYPD written exam is a full day of paperwork, administered in a group setting. Be prepared to complete autobiographical questionnaires, symptom inventories, and two lengthy objective personality inventory measures.

The oral interview is a one-on-one evaluation with a Psychologist who will ask you questions about your educational, employment, psychological, medical and legal history, as well as your social relationships. You can expect a more in depth interview if the Psychologist believes there are areas of concern which require closer examination. The oral interview generally takes about 1 hour.

For both the written test and oral interview, you should come prepared (bring a resume, transcripts, etc.). And, ALWAYS be completely open and honest.

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-NYPD Written & Oral Psychological Exam – What to Expect

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