NYPD Psychological Disqualification Appeal – Second Interview-Preparing with an Expert


If you have the opportunity to receive a second psychological interview for the NYPD as many candidates do these days it is essential that you speak to someone that has your entire psychological evaluation file and has long time experience in reading and analyzing these files, understanding the essential issues and talking to you about the best tips and tactics to succeed and how to avoid pitfalls or traps.

My 20 years experience the greatest dangers are believing that certain actions will get you disqualified and then either denying those actions minimizing those incidents or casting blame on others for those actions. The inability of candidates to admit having a rough transition from high school to the first year of college is a prime example. The greatest pitfall is to deny academic probation when the interviewer has your transcript in a file on their lap and clearly states academic probation or academic dismissal. Having a rough time starting off college with your schoolwork is not a psychological problem but an adjustment issue that many people experience. The downfall is denying that it happened or claiming that you forgot after denying it when it is in black and white on an 8 1/2 inch transcript page sitting on a Psychologist’s lap.

These mistakes go on to many other categories: I did not hop the turnstile; I did not get a summons in Rochester New York for underage drinking; I did not get disciplined for lateness at Chipotle.

Evaluating psychologist report repeatedly “I believe the candidate’s inability to be candid; forthcoming; honest and responsive in the psychological evaluation casts doubt on their integrity, credibility and trustworthiness.

It is essential that if you have a strong desire to be with the NYPD as a Police Officer that you do your homework ahead of time and get all necessary documents including school transcripts; NYS driver’s abstract; write ups from employers; school disciplinary records; any court records or Certificates of Disposition any arrest records in the county concerned. You should ask employers for attendance records or reviews or performance evaluations showing you were prompt capable and energetic in completing your work.  Armed with these documents and having studied them so you were familiar with dates, times and situations will greatly assist you in the oral psychological interview. You may even want to go a step further and those times were enrolled in school and also working part or full-time you may want to create a grid or a chart to show that during certain times you were attending school part time and working part time or attending school to full-time and working part time. Being familiar with your history is essential to respond to the inevitable questions during an oral psychological interview.  These interviews are about your history and your ability to respond is essential.

Being fully familiar and being a good “historian” is essential to your psychological oral evaluation success.

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