NYPD Psych Disqualification Reversals – Kevin Sheerin Successes

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NYPD Psych Disqualification Reversals – Kevin Sheerin Successes

Recently, 26 of our clients have received a second psychological interview after they hired us in response to receiving an NYPD psychological notice of proposed disqualification.

Also, 17 of our clients were appointed to the NYPD Police Academy. They hired our law firm and we assisted them throughout the appeal process. We filed their appeal and helped them through the process of fighting back to reverse their disqualification. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to get their disqualifications reversed.

Three of our clients have had their disqualifications reversed and are waiting to be appointed to the next NYPD Police Academy class.

One of our clients, who was disqualified from the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (“DCAS”) as a custodian, hired our law firm and we appealed on his behalf. After fighting for our client, the DCAS, upon getting further information, determined that our client’s disqualification should be reversed, so he was restored to the eligible list and will be appointed to his title when his name is reached on the eligible list for custodians.

If you receive an NYPD Police Officer disqualification, please contact us to discuss the facts of your case, and how we can assist you in the appeal process. We believe RESULTS count when determining whether or not you should hire a law firm to represent you in your appeal.

Please contact us at kevin@sheerinlaw.com or call 516-248-3494 to request a free consultation.

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NYPD Psych Disqualification Reversals – Kevin Sheerin Successes

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