Candidate Medical & Mental Health History

Candidates should be aware that psychological and relevant medical records will be obtained from their healthcare professionals, if warranted and obtainable. Approximately 25% of all Candidates have consulted with a psychological professional at some point in their life, and 1% have been in an inpatient facility. For those candidates, psychologists should have a clear and accurate understanding of the nature and extent of the psychological problem and whether it has any relevance for the purpose of determining a Candidate’s psychological suitability. Candidates will need to provide an authorization for the release of their psychological treatment before any information can be collected. However, when such authorization is obtained, the treating mental and/or medical healthcare professional will be required to disclose the candidate’s history, including but not limited to any, acts of domestic violence or spousal abuse, treatment for alcohol or drug use/abuse, psychiatric hospitalization, psychotropic medication, additional contacts with other mental health professionals, and whether the Candidate’s condition impacts a major life activity or work function. It is important that a Candidate be completely candid about their history, as the truth will be revealed during the information collection process anyway, and it is best for the Candidate to be consistent and truthful. In fact, in approximately 5% of Candidate cases, Investigators will discover substantial differences between what a Candidate has reported about their consult and what the treating professional has actually reported, as some Candidates will try to minimize how much help they sought from their mental health professional.

For more information regarding Candidate Medical and Mental Health History, click the link below:
Peace Officer Psychological Screening Manual

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