Can you have bad vision and become a NYPD Police Officer?

The vision requirements for becoming a police officer go beyond just correctable eyesight and whether you can wear glasses or contacts. Police Officers can wear glasses or contacts, but there are still some things to consider.

Vision Correction. Vision can be corrected to 20/20, with most departments requiring uncorrected vision be no lower than 20/40. One eye can be as low as 20/200 but not both.

Peripheral Vision. You need to have a normal range in your peripheral vision. It affects reaction times and situational awareness in the field. Both are important if you are to be an effective law enforcement officer.

Color Test. Police Officer candidates also need to take a color-blindness exam, as they must be able to recognize all basic colors.

Depth Perception. Good depth perception is necessary for driving and other police officer related tasks, such as firing a weapon and spatial awareness.

Good vision is essential for any law enforcement officer. You should have your eyesight thoroughly tested before applying for any job in the criminal justice field.

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